Our "SMART HUB" Now features a Internet Data usage link to better help you keep track of the amount of data used on your Broadband Package. If you already have your account setup for the Smart Hub simply CLICK HERE to log in. Once you have logged in you will notice to the left a link called "View Usage". This will show you the amount of data used (here is a example).

To learn more including how to set up "Smart Hub" for a first time user, follow the link below.

Here are your instructions for a first time "Smart Hub" user. If you have any troubles setting up your account please call us at 889-3311, we would be happy to walk you thru the process.

  2. Fill in your account number (it can be found on your bill if you do not know it) Your last name or business name on the account, and your email address.
  3. Select your security question, then select your second security question, then type in the characters you see on the screen & click "login".
  4. Check your email (the address that you provided) and use the temporary password provided for you.
  5. Enter in your own personal password. (Be sure to follow the instructions on password requirements)
  6. Once in, Click the "View Usage" found on the left hand side. (See the example above)

You are all set! - Don't forget the "Smart Hub" also allows you to pay your bill and view bill history for your account.


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