Welcome to the New InterBel.com!

After many hours of creation, we are pleased to announce the new InterBel.com website!  Taking public feedback and some ideas of our own, we have brought you a more inclusive place to find everything related to your Cooperative!

Some key features about the new website are:

  1. The Products menu will give you information about the various products and services provided by InterBel.
  2. Curious about InterBel Telephone, check out our Company page.  You will find many different facts about your Cooperative. In the Company menu, you will also find many important documents as well.
  3. Our New Community Page gives you access to our popular Eureka and Blackbutte webcams. Links to local information, activities of the Tobacco Valley as well as a community calendar!
  4. Tech Corner has now been integrated into our main website! Access to many quick tutorials about Internet, Internet Devices, E-mail and Streaming Services.
  5. Finally a "New" InterBel News section. These news articles will be added over time and will be automatically published to Facebook and Twitter to keep you in the know whatever your platform of choice.
  6. Many of the links that were in our old E-Services have been moved to the top bar on our website and a list of links in the footer as well.

As we continue to evolve with our new site, please be on the lookout for additional new services that are currently in the works at InterBel.

Finally, a Thank You to all of our Cooperative Members!  Without you, we wouldn't be able to do any of the great things we do!

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