TP-Link EC330-G5u AC1900 Gigabit Router

basic troubleshooting

Wan Light:  If the light is off, this indicates the router is not getting a connection from the ONT. Make sure the ethernet cable is plugged into the WAN port of the router. Re-seat both ends of the ethernet cable to ensure a strong connection.  This would be a good time to swap the ends of the cable.  If the WAN light is on solid or blinking, you now have an active WAN connection.

Bypass Router:  If you have a device that has an ethernet port (Laptop/PC), you can bypass the router and connect the ethernet cable directly into your device to test connectivity This will isolate and determine if the issue is with the router, ethernet cable or connection to the InterBel network.

Wi-Fi Configuration

This Router is managed by InterBel Telephone.  If you need assistance changing the Wi-Fi settings, please contact support at 406.889.1500

By default this router is set up with Band-Steering, allowing for a single dual band wireless network SSID.  If this device has not been modified from it's default settings, you can locate the SSID and Password (PIN) on the bottom side of the router as seen in the picture below:

*** Legacy Broadband Equipment  ***

If the modem or router you have does not appear in this list, your device is no longer supported by InterBel Telephone.  Please contact us to discuss our current available options.

Configuration and Setup Guides

Configuration and Setup Guides

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