Basic Troubleshooting

Wan Light:  If the light is off, this indicates the router is not getting a connection from the ONT. Make sure the ethernet cable is plugged into the WAN port of the router. Re-seat both ends of the ethernet cable to ensure a strong connection.  This would be a good time to swap the ends of the cable.  If the WAN light is on solid or blinking, you now have an active WAN connection.

Bypass Router:  If you have a device that has an ethernet port (Laptop/PC), you can bypass the router and connect the ethernet cable directly into your device to test connectivity This will isolate and determine if the issue is with the router, ethernet cable or connection to the InterBel network.

Wi-Fi Configuration

In order to configure the wireless settings of your ReadyNet router, you will need to use an internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.  Once you have launched your internet browser, enter the IP address of in the address bar.

Once you have the IP address typed in your address bar press the Enter key on your keyboard and this will bring you to a prompt for log in credentials.

The username and password to access the router is: user.

After you have entered the log in credentials, you may proceed with clicking on the Log In Button.  This will bring you to the administration portal for your ReadyNet device.


Let's begin with changing the name of your wireless connection.  Select Wireless 2.4GHz from the menu at the left.  Since this is a dual band router, we will need to configure both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz wireless options.

This router will allow you to have Multiple SSID's.  Unless you have a need for multiple wireless networks in your home, just highlight the section next to Multiple SSID that states InterBel_XXXX.  This is where you can set the name of your wireless network.  This will help ensure you are connected to your network at all times.

After you have changed the SSID, select the Save button.  In order to complete the changes, the router does require a reboot.  This will allow us to proceed with changing the Wireless Security of the router without having to reconnect to it wirelessly first.

From the administration portal, under Wireless 2.4GHz, select Wireless Security.

  This brings us to the Security section for your wireless connection.  From here select the Encryption type.  We recommend using WPAPSKWPA2PSK as this is the latest in authentication and is at this point your most secure option.  WPA2 requires you use a password of at least characters.  If you are unable to use WPA2 Mixed for any reason, you may select WPA or WEP as other forms of encryption.

 Once you are finished, click on Save.  After you have saved the settings, click on Reboot to finalize your setting changes.

To Configure the 5GHz radio, you simply follow the same procedure as above.  Below are the screenshots showing how to configure your Wireless 5GHz SSID and encryption for that antenna.

InterBel Shield

Are you looking for a simple way to take back control of the Internet in your home?  With InterBel's ReadyNet devices, InterBel Family Shield is built right in.  No need for additional equipment.

Let's face it, kids today are pretty savvy. They probably know technology better than you do.  With Family Shield, it put you back in the center of what is happening in their digital lives.

Time and Content based filtering, on a per device level evens the playing field. Cloud based history mean your children wont even be able to hide where they are going on the internet!

If you are looking for a product to put you back in charge of the internet in your home, InterBel Family shield is the product for you!

Free 30 day trial available, please call us at (406) 889-3311 or click here to sign up!

Configuration and Setup Guides

Configuration and Setup Guides

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