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High Speed Internet

Always Stay Connected with InterBel Residential Internet

The best part of living in rural Montana is the fresh air, the clean waters, and the breathtaking landscapes – and in years past, those best parts meant that internet was spotty at best – that’s a thing of the past with InterBel High-Speed Residential Internet. Stay connected to the land that you love with the world at your fingertips.

Popular Features


Whether looking for an e-mail or a personalized approach, InterBel has you covered.

Family Shield

With 3 different offerings, InterBel Shield will help protect your family from the “Bad Stuff” on the internet and help you take control of your connectio

Web Hosting

InterBel offers two varieties of hosting: Personalized E-mail and unrestricted/unlimited Website hosting.

Total Wi-Fi Powered by

WHAT IS Plume® HomePass™? Here’s an overview of our newest partner.
Here are some features of the only self-optimizing and learning adaptive home Wi-Fi system on the market.
  • Parental controls with age-appropriate content filters and website blocks.
  • Guest management with passwords that expire and device-specific access.
  • Real-time online protection from the seven most common types of malicious threats.
  • Internet speed checks to make sure you’re getting what you pay for.
Call the InterBel Telephone customer service line at 406-889-3311 to maximize your home network. Plans start as low as $5/month.


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